We at Bible Baptist Church have a passion for outreach both locally and globally, as is evident in our growing list of activities and involvement

Local interaction – browse through the many ways we like to stay involved in our community. We should be here not only for the people that choose to attend but also for those in our neighborhood and region. There is so much that we can do to have an influence for the furthering of His word. We can be the hands of God to others, to those that otherwise might not know what goes on inside the four walls of our facility.

Reaching out Globally – we have a strong desire to reach others outside our normal sphere of influence. Sponsoring missionaries or “those we send” is a means of accomplishing two important goals:  1) proclaiming to others that would otherwise not have the means or opportunity to hear the true word of God, and 2) having the privilege of hearing reports back from those we send so we can remain in touch with what God is doing in distant (and sometimes remote) places. This helps us to keep in tune with a heart for others rather than getting all wrapped up in our own busy lives that we live day to day.

Helping others – we offer an extensive counseling program to those that ask. Trained counselors will speak with individuals, couples, or families free of charge. Find out more about ways we might be able help free you from heartache and stress you are experiencing using biblical principles and caring counselors.