Bible Baptist Church has a focus on reaching people with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Over the years this commitment has broadened to include the continents of Europe, Africa, Asia as well as North and South America.

United States

 Curtis 2009


Harold & Charlene Curtis – Campus Ministries in Michigan
Harold and Charlene are serving with Bethel Baptist Church in International Student Ministries in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Supported by BBC since 1992


Davis 2005


Ken & Sharon Davis – Project Jerusalem
The Davis family serves with Baptist Bible College in Pennsylvania.  Ken is the Director of Church Planting with “Project Jerusalem” concentrating his efforts toward the needs of the Northeast United States.

Supported by BBC since 1977



Dittmar 2010



Marty & Brenda Dittmar – Purdue University
The Dittmars serve in campus ministry at Purdue University with Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  Daily outreach and discipleship take place in Bible studies and leadership training.  Marty also serves as chaplain for the football, basketball, and track and field teams.

Supported by BBC since 1983


Glover 2009

 Rick & Mary Glover – Awana Clubs
The Glovers are the directors of AWANA clubs in Indiana.  Awana is a ministry for children and students focusing on discipleship and outreach.

Supported by BBC since 1955




Jarvis 2011

 Butch & Bonnie Jarvis – Florida
After serving for many years in Bogota, Colombia, in a Bible Institute with Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, Butch and Bonnie now minister to Spanish-speaking people in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Supported by BBC since 1972





David & Sarah Lowry – Ball State University
David and Sarah started out their married life serving God at Ball State University under the direction of Campus Crusade for Christ.  One year later, they served in China for 12 months.  Returning now to Ball State University, they work with university students.

Supported by BBC since 2010





Schermer 2009


Dennis & Linda Schermer – Biblical Ministries Worldwide
The Schermers are serving the Lord by producing evangelistic DVDs/videos through Biblical Ministries Worldwide.  The sharing of the Gospel through DVDs/videos penetrates boundaries of countries that are sometimes “closed” to traditional missions.

Supported by BBC since 1998



Matthew & Miriam Barnes – Capital Commission Indiana
Matthew and Miriam Barnes, Sarah, Micah and Emma, serve with Capital Commission Indiana.  In November 2012 Matthew Barnes completed 8 years in the chaplaincy ministry in the Indiana Statehouse.  With evangelism, discipleship, Bible Studies and chapel services, Matthew and Miriam faithfully serve God in a public area in Indianapolis.

Supported by BBC since January 2013


10226160571161CDP (1) 

Pam Russell is the National Director of Women’s Ministries for Capitol Commission Indiana.
                                                                                       Supported by BBC since 2014.



Boisvert 2011 

Doug & Cheryl Boisvert  – Tri-M Africa
The Boisverts serve with Mobile Modular Ministry (Tri-M), which is a training approach aimed at equipping the national churches with men who are able to reach their country for Christ and train the next generation of pastors to do the same.  Doug forms a teaching team of pastors to travel with him for a one-to three-week module, teaching the national pastors and church leaders.  Doug’s ministry, Tri-M Africa, also focuses on ministering in some African countries with restricted access to Western missionaries.  Cheryl has developed a training ministry teaching ladies how to disciple national women within their churches.

Supported by BBC since 2000




Carmichael Philip 2009


Philip & Alana Carmichael – South Africa
Philip and Alana Carmichael serve in Welkom at The Pines.  The Pines Christian Care Center exists to bring hope and compassions through biblical solutions and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the AIDS-orphaned children of South Africa.  The Carmichaels serve with Ambassadors International Ministries, Inc.

Supported by BBC since 2009


Randy & Kari Teachout – South Africa
Randy and Kari Teachout and their family are raising support to serve in Welkom, South Africa, at the Pines with the Carmichaels.  The Teachouts serve with Ambassadors International Ministries, Inc.

Supported by BBC since 2016

Phillips 2009

Tim & Janice Phillips – Niger, West Africa
Tim and Janice serve by supporting the church-planting efforts of missionaries throughout West Africa by teaching and caring for missionary kids at the Sahel Academy in Niamey, Niger.

Supported by BBC since 2004




Joe and Amy Marshall – Benin, West Africa
Joe and Amy Marshall serve with Faith Baptist Missions.  They minister in the country of Benin, West Africa.

Supported by BBC since 2012



Hartwick 2011


Chris & Maylin Hartwick – Hong Kong
The Hartwicks serve in Hong Kong with Association of Baptists for World Evangelism.  They are involved in church planting and outreach with an international Asian community.

Supported by BBC since 1996




Jebaraj 2011


Immaunuel & Hannah Jebaraj – India
Immanuel and Hannah are serving in their homeland of India.  Their desire is to start churches that are doctrinally sound and practically warm, giving importance to biblical preaching, discipleship, counseling and missions.

Supported by BBC since 2007





Vess 2012 (2)



Ryan & Kristen Vess – Far East
Ryan and Kristen are involved in ministry in the Far East.

Supported by BBC since 2008









Crawford 2008


Gary & Marty Crawford – Jamaica
Gary and Marty serve with Association of Baptists for World Evangelism linking churches in global partnerships through short-term ministry in Jamaica and recently Asia.

Supported by BBC since 2008




Sam & Jamie Hornbrook – Mexico
The Hornbrooks serve with Baptist Mid-Missions as church planters in a suburb of Mexico City.  Sam also teaches biblical counseling in a nearby Bible Institute.

Supported by BBC since 1990



Bryan & Susan Nevin – Mexico
The Nevins are serving the Lord in Mexico, working in a new church plant in Greater Mexico City.  They serve with Fellowship International Missions.

Supported by BBC since 1998



Murphy 2011Judy Murphy – Guatemala
Judy serves with CAM International by discipling Guatemalan women and youth and investing in the lives of students who struggle.

Supported by BBC since 2011






Barnes 2008


Steve & Rowena Barnes – France
Steve and Rowena serve in France.  They are in a church-planting ministry working among immigrants of many different nationalities.

Supported by BBC since 1975


Good 2010


Fritz & Lynette Good – Germany
The Goods are ministering with Team Berlin in a multi-national, English-speaking church plant in Berlin.  They serve with Faith Global Ministries.

Supported by BBC since 2001


Rinderknecht 2011


Joel & Jennifer Rinderknecht – France
The Rinderknechts serve in France in church plating through evangelistic outreach, discipling, youth camps, and counseling.  They serve with Association of Baptists for World Evangelism.

Supported by BBC since 1996



Standridge 2011



Steve & Stephanie Standridge – Italy
The Standridges are serving in Italy with Team.  Their goal is to plant churches in Italy.  Their evangelistic effort is accompanied by partnering with a local church and by leading and training local believers to have the vision and tools to reach the Italian-speaking population with the Gospel.

Supported by BBC since 2007




Bill & Naty Tully – Romania
Bill and Naty serve with Global Outreach International by training leaders in Moldovan churches, participating in evangelism in Romania and Moldova, and working with college students in their Romanian church.

Supported by BBC since 2003


Whitmans 2005

Fred & Rachel Whitman – Italy
As church planters in Perugia, Italy, for over 36 years, the Whitmans broadcast daily on Radio LUCE to spread the Gospel.  Fred is also active in a TV and camping ministry and teaches at the Bible Institute.  They serve with Baptist Mid-Missions.

Supported by BBC since 1972




Rader 2009


Lance & Karen Rader – Bolivia
The Raders serve as church planters in Bolivia with the Baptist Pioneer Mission Agency.  They are active in missionary aviation, camp ministry, a children’s home, the Deaf Center, a Bible Institute, and church planting.

Supported by BBC since 1981





Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministries
Located in Valparaiso, Indiana, Baptist Children’s Home has ministered to children and families for over 45 years.  It has ten homes in three states and India.
Supported by BBC since 1957.

 Child Evangelism Fellowship
Larry and Bonnie Habegger currently serve as Director of Child Evangelism Fellowship in the six-county area surrounding Kokomo.  They minister in training others and conducting Backyard Clubs, fair ministries, and school outreach efforts.
Supported by BBC since 1957

The General Association of Regular Baptist Churches (GARBC) is a fellowship of independent Baptist churches of which our church is a part.
Supported by BBC since 1952

Association of Certified Biblical Counselors

 Shepherds, Inc.
Shepherds Ministries, a nationally recognized organization founded on Jeremiah 23:4, provides compassionate Christian care, vocational education, and job opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities, helping them attain appropriate independence with fulfilling jobs and lives, while also providing for their spiritual development.
Supported by BBC since 1968

Twin Lakes Camp & Conference Center
Located in Hillsboro, Indiana, Twin Lakes Camp provides a wide variety of camping and retreat experiences for the whole family.  Many people have made life-changing decisions while attending Twin Lakes Camp.
Supported by BBC since 1965

Living Alternatives:  Pregnancy Resource Center, Kokomo, Indiana.  Carol Snyder, Director



Larry & Jacqui Armstrong
The Armstrongs are retired from Association of Baptists for World Evangelism after teaching at the seminary level in the Far East for many years.  They currently live in Oregon and still make frequent trips to teach in the Far East.
Supported by BBC since 1971

Roger & Phyllis Bacon
The Bacons served with Evangelical Baptist Missions for many years in church planting and educational ministries in Niger and Benin, West Africa; and Quebec and Prince Edward Island, Canada.  They are presently living in Ontario, Canada.
Supported by BBC since 1976

Mary Baer
Mary Baer served with her husband, Phil, until his death in 1999 as Wycliffe Translators to the Lacondone Indians of Southern Mexico.  Phil and Mary were our church’s first missionaries!  Mary is now retired but still active in translation work, visiting the filed as needed for the work.
Supported by BBC since 1946

Eleanor Brittain
Eleanor, with her late husband Stan, retired from Baptist Mid-Missions.  They served as church planting missionaries in Liberia, Hawaii and England.  Now living in California, she is still able to go calling with a group from her local church.
Supported by BBC since 1973

Bill & Lois Carmichael
The Carmichaels have served in Mali, West Africa; Scotland; Evangelical Baptist Missions’ Home Office; and England.  Bill and Lois are now serving at Bible Baptist Church in Kokomo, Indiana, as Associate Pastor of Senior Ministries and Missions.
Supported by BBC since 1976

Dean & Edith Franklin
The Franklins served in church planting and leadership training in the Caribbean with World Team.  They are still  involved in serving in that part of the world as they are able.
Supported by BBC since 1963

Carson & Joyce Fremont
Fremonts retired from Association of Baptists for World Evangelism after nearly 50 years of serving in Hong Kong and the Philippines.  However, Carson and Joyce continue to make extended trips to the Far East, teaching seminary classes, preparing radio broadcasts, and assisting churches.
Supported by BBC since 1959

Ellis & Carol Gaston
The Gastons served as missionaries with Baptist Mid-Missions to Native Americans in the Southwest for many years.  In retirement, Ellis continues to speak oin churches, help in camp ministry, and provide New Testaments to truckers at nearby truck stops.
Supported by BBC since 1968

Beulah Hager
Beulah served with Baptist Mid-Missions from 1952 to 1975 in the Dominican Republic and now works in a Spanish work in South Carolina.  She conducts a Hispanic ladies’ Bible class and teacher training seminars.
Supported by BBC since 1969

Delores (Dee) Hammond
Dee lives in Ohio after serving with the JOY Club ministry with Baptist Church Planters in North Carolina for many years.  She was involved in various teaching ministries in the promotion and establishment of clubs for boys and girls.
Supported by BBC since 1977